Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sequestered - Interview with Summer Glau

Summer Glau Channel

Interview with Summer Glau about her role as Anna on Crackle's legal thriller 'Sequestered'.
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Sony's digital network Crackle has released a series of interviews with Sequestered cast members Jesse Bradford, Bruce Davison, Trevor Torseth, James Maslow, Patrick Warburton, Summer Glau and Heather Dubrow where they talk about their character on the drama series.

Series Description: Twelve jurors struggle to decide guilt or innocence in a sensational kidnapping/murder trial while a young attorney races to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to bury the truth forever.

Watch Sequestered for FREE on Crackle here: http://www.crackle.com/c/sequestered/

Summer Galau in Alphas

Summer Glau Channel

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"Rip It Up" (John/Cameron) - Family Force 5 Rip It Up lyrics


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Family Force 5 Rip It Up lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I saw you strut
Into the room
My heart started pumpin'
When you broke out them moves

Your heels dug in
Straight through the floor
You're a machine, baby
Seek and destroy

[Pre Chorus 1:]
She must be crazy
She's got that feeling
Look out now she's a psycho killer

[Chorus 1:]
The dance floor is shredded to pieces
The way you rip it up has got my heart rate increasin'
The dance floor is obliterated
The way you tear it up has got my soul liberated

[Chorus 2:]
Rip it up
Rip it up
Don't stop until it's torn up
Tear it up
Tear it up
It's just the fate of the dance floor

[Verse 2:]
She cuts a rug
Just like a razor
Then burns it down
Like an incinerator

She's a slayer
And it don't phase her
She's from the future
She's a terminator

[Pre Chorus 2:]
Just like a chainsaw
Her teeth cut in
Watch out now here she goes again